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One of GSF’s core values is our Professionalism. One way we support that is by helping survivors or victims of conflict including IDPs to find ways to tell their own stories to the world. That’s why we strongly support local community awareness and sensitization between Parties to conflicts.

Child Protection:

GSF believe that the best way to protect children is to educate them to protect themselves through empowering them in preventing and responding to any violation or abuse their protection.

Gender Base Violence:

GSF believes that tackling Gender Base Violence is crucial for Poverty reduction and Economic Development. We can achieve this through Community Engagement, sensitization, economic empowerment, meetings and dialogue where the voices of both women and men will be heard in equity and cultural sensitive Manner.


After we formulate our recommendations, we advocate pragmatic solutions. While we usually target our advocacy to the party responsible for the harm, we develop a detailed advocacy plan for every situation, reaching out to all parties who might positively influence the outcome we seek. This might include facilitating dialogues, roundtable discussions with policy makers, and community leaders on key subject matter techniques geared for their specific context. We also work with media from local newspapers to National broadcasters to highlight the plight of People in a conflict, creating a public demand for protection, education and harm mitigation. Ultimately, we seek to increase a community’s understanding of its rights and the responsibilities of, while also developing policies and practical skills for actors to better protect their community


We support education for all Nigerian peoples whether they be male or female..