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Executive Director

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Born in late 80s, Abba Yusuf Tijjani is a young vibrant, dedicated, committed, goal-driven humanitarian actor with over 7 years of professional experience. Yusuf is passionate about creating a safer world for the vulnerable people with special emphasis on women and children. Having attained the position of a program manager at Women in the New Nigeria and Youth Empowerment Initiative, Yusuf has successfully developed a strategic roadmap for many organizations to achieve their objectives. As a dynamic and vision-driven aid worker, Yusuf founded the humanitarian organization in 2017. With his well-horned experience, strong academic background in Early Childhood Education, Agriculture and numerous certification  in humanitarian intervention programs, Yusuf has a firsthand expertise in streamlining operations. Some of his numerous capacities include Co lead of Child Protection Sector Working Group and member of Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) of education in Emergency Working Group. Yusuf is a promising leader who is skilled at addressing high attrition rates and a specialist risk-assessor. Yusuf has a passion for football and also enjoys travelling as hubby. In addition to his outdoor activities, he enjoys reading and meeting new friends.


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Dr Baba Goni Shettima is a senior lecturer and an Agro Economist consultant. With over 30 publications to his name, Dr Shettima is a certified member of the professional body of economics in Nigeria. He has a wide range of experience on addressing interdisciplinary national issues from an economic perspective. Dr Shettima has engaged in series of community service which have impacted on the agribusiness in the society. Dr Shettima holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics with various relevant national recognitions to his name. He has an outstanding experience in communicating academic issues and solutions to peers and the public. Being an Agricultural economic analyst, his impact in the ravaged communities in the Northeast through his institution cannot be overemphasized. Baba Goni is a fan of football and he also has a passion for documentary films. He loves travelling as well as research.


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Dr Adam Lawan Ngala is an academic scholar who has demonstrated an exceptional attributes in the educational sector. Having bagged a PhD in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Dr Lawan is a member of various committees at the University of Maiduguri. His research and development on soil and plant have necessitated various programs in the agricultural sector which is currently impacting in various communities and institutions. Dr Lawan believes in professionalism. With over 18 conferences and workshops attended, Dr Lawan has been able to develop a logical framework that will enhance plant and food sustainability in the community. He is a member of both national and international soil science professional body. Dr Adam enjoys travelling, reading and sports.


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Habib Ahmed is a young committed talent with a wide range on interdisciplinary programs achieved. Habib is a professional accountant with experience from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Having bagged his Masters in International Relations from the United Kingdom, he has an outstanding team management and communication skills. His knowledge in mass communication has afforded him a firsthand knowledge in programs production. He is adept in regulatory compliance, analytics, reporting service, budgeting and forecasting, supervise internal and external audit. Habib has engaged in charity works and strongly believe in humanitarian programs for societal development. Habib is a passionate game lover with much interest in digital gadgets. He enjoys travelling as well as reading.


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Dr Tijjani Abba Ibrahim is certified and professional medical doctor from the prestigious University of Maiduguri. He is meritorious medical personnel with high experience in health services. With over 3 years of experience in the general outpatient department of the state specialist hospital in Maiduguri, Dr Tijjani have published a paper on the role of radiotherapy in modality of cancer treatment in the Northeast Nigeria which was published on the Deedok journal of UMMESA. Also, he conducted series of research on factors associated with breast cancer. His immense knowledge on health programs has benefited the people in the Northeast. Dr Tijjani is a cancer specialist, strategizes care plan and committed to delivering quality healthcare. Tijjani has a passion for medical research and tourism as hobby.


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Aishatu is a passionate journalist with over 15 years of practical hands experienced. She served as the vice-president of the Nigerian Union of Journalist Zone E in the Northeast. As civil service personnel, Aishatu have involved in various humanitarian programs which include education and protection with special emphasis on children and women. Aishatu have an international experience during her studies in Pakistan. She is adept in designing culture sensitive IEC materials as well as training facilitation. Her determination and resilience in fight against Gender Base Violence and Polio have gained her a credible recognition in the Northeast. Aishatu has a passion for television shows and media chats. Her outdoor activities include travelling and TV presentation.