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Health Intervention

Community Health Promotion Protection and Prevention
Community outreaches is done to create awareness about health topics of interest, routine screening activities will be done for malnutrition and basic hygiene practices will be taught. Also, early identification and referral of emergencies will be encouraged in communities. Focus will be on local capacity building, community engagement to determine the most pertinent need and come with a local solution to identified problems.

Primary Healthcare System Strengthening
State owned primary healthcare centers will be supported with essential medicines, according to donor. Priority will be to work with existing local hospital committee or work with the community to set up one, to ensure overall mutual accountability to the population. To help build the capacity of the workforce to better respond to there duty with confidence. To encourage and help support a functional hospital revolving fund to manage local resources, and to help improve working environment for the health staff. Community Management of Acute

Priority area for community management of malnutrition for PLWs and Under-fives will be adapting local recipes to make high protein high caloric diet, with food demonstration. To work in collaboration with nutrition sector to make regular community screening, cases referral and follow up to the existing Outpatient therapeutics and stabilization center. According to donor specificity, to set up out patient therapeutic center in coordination with the cluster according to need map.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
Survivors of violence, unaccompanied children, and health staff will be prioritized to be supported with mental health and psychosocial support. Nurses in health selected facilities will be trained to offer basic services and serve as focal person for sexual violence case management. A network of service providers will be maintained, with linkages to tertiary level care in cases that needs further care. Health workers will also be prioritized to take care of there mental health need via sensitization and service provision.

Emergency Response
The health team will set up a robust network of referral system (to be specified in the DIP) to link up community to point of care in the primary and secondary facilities.
Priority will be given to obstetric emergencies, under five emergencies, sexual violence victims, and victims requiring mental health and psychosocial support services. In times of outbreaks, the team will support the states to increase awareness, along with the health cluster coordination will support capacity building of local health staff, supply of materials and reporting.