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Housing, Land and Property

Strategic Objective: is to provide stable, secure and sustainable housing and property solutions for communities affected by conflict in North East Nigeria, enabling them to rebuild their lives and communities.

GSF strategy plan is focused on providing shelter and support for rehabilitation and reconstruction of homes for conflict-affected communities in North East Nigeria, facilitating access to secure tenure and property rights, and addressing land-related disputes. Key interventions include shelter construction and rehabilitation, tenure security, land dispute resolution, advocacy and awareness-raising, monitoring and evaluation, coordination and partnership, and resource mobilization.
The plan aims to be implemented through close coordination and collaboration with all actors involved, including the government, international organizations, local NGOs, and communities.
Regular monitoring and evaluation will be conducted to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the plan. The success of the strategy will depend on securing adequate resources, including financial, technical, and human resources. The strategy plan will be reviewed and revised regularly to address the evolving needs and challenges faced by communities in North East Nigeria.