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Strengthening Community Based Child Protection, Education and Nutritional Integrated Services in Borno and Adamawa states.

Project Indicator

Indicator 2.1.2

Number of persons reached through sensitization, community engagement and capacity building on GBV prevention including PSEA and principles that address negative social norms and principles

Indicator 4.2.1

Number of women, girls, boys and men provided or referred to support services, including medical treatment, psychosocial support, cash and legal assistance, following a protection incidents in order to stop or mitigate any harm caused

Indicator 3.1.1

Number of children affected by protection risks (family separation, violence, neglect, abuse, etc.) placed in alternative care.

Indicator 1.2.1

Number of teachers (m/f) trained in improved teaching and learning approaches

Indicator 4.1.1

Number of girls and boys benefiting from structured recreational and creative services

Indicator 4.2.2

Number of caregivers benefiting from psychosocial support services including positive parenting