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  1. Provision of re-chargeable radios to the rural community in order to help them listen to weekly PCVE programmes covering core thematic areas such as social cohesion, reintegration, Gender-based violence; .
  2. Purchase of laptops, upgrading and paying for the services of developing and printing Contextualize PCVE ICE materials in local languages with the participation of key stakeholders such as the religion and traditional leaders. This ICE materials will be developed in an image form in order to ensure they are well understood and accessible to people with low level of literacy which will be use during monthly sensitization outreach and awareness campaign to reach 15,000 IDPs, returnees, and host community members.
  3. Website upgrade to inform, educate and showcase GSF activities on PCVE to wider audience both at the national and international level. One of our main goal is to change the narrative about North-East Nigeria. We would like to use our website to make stories of communities and people affected by violent extremism heard in a way they are not usually pitched by other organizations. Social media will be a key extension of our website, in order to reach both the audience outside of Nigeria as well as communities within Nigeria especially youths, who do access social media

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NHF Street Child

Strengthening Community Based Child Protection, Education and Nutrional Integrated Services in Borno and Adamawa States

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