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Strategic Plan

Grow Strong Foundation (GSF) is inspired by the vision to see the society attain holistic development through stimulating and directing sustainable development Goal, GSF will work hand in hand and direct sustainable development among its beneficiaries regardless their Background with the goal of improving the living standards to for a sustainable development.

This Strategy Plan will focus on the following Thematic areas:

  1. Protection (Child Protection, GBV and MHPSS)
  2. Education
  3. Livelihood
  4. Advocacy and Peace Building
  5. Coordination
  6. Institutional Capacity Building

This Strategic Plan has taken into consideration the prevailing and foreseeable context of the country and Borno State in Particular; including planned expansion of programmes; and resources both at hand and that is looking forward to being mobilized. However, GSF will remain flexible and responsive to the changing environment and review the Plan as necessary if the operating context changes and the basic assumptions upon which the Plan is premised no longer hold. GSF will also develop Annual Operational/Implementation Plans as well as periodic M&E Plan to operationalize the Strategic Plan.

How we work

Proximity: We prioritize local efforts in close collaboration with the communities, civil society actors and public institutions that are in direct contact with women, children and adolescents.

Sustainability: We support children and their communities; however, under no circumstances do we substitute or play the role of the State. All of our programs and projects are, from the onset, aimed at addressing the structural causes of vulnerability and exclusion so that their positive impact will last long into the future.

Who we work with

We mainly work with the following actors:

Women, Children and adolescents: Children are our priority, particularly those from the most vulnerable and excluded groups, and paying special attention to girls.

Local communities: Our priority commitment to children should be grounded in collaborative efforts with local communities to support and guide them along the road to transformative and sustainable local development.

Local, national and international civil society organizations: We prioritize alliances and joint efforts with civil society organizations based on collaboration and mutual support.

Local, national and international governments and public institutions: Our actions are framed by the principles that guide international development initiatives in accordance with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (ownership, alignment, harmonization, results and mutual accountability) and are consistent with the development strategies and public policies of our program countries. We seek alliances with public institutions that contribute to achieving our objectives within a framework of promoting human rights.

Support base: As an organization driven by concepts such as social justice and solidarity, GSF relies on the support of its collaborators. In order to strengthen this relationship, we work to establish closer ties and communication with our supporters, seeking to increase their commitment to solidarity, as well as their active participation in our organization’s work. We regard sponsorship as a tool for linking people committed to solidarity and children in vulnerable situations, which makes it an effective means for raising awareness in pursuit of a more just world. This relationship is bidirectional and based on mutual respect. As such, sponsorship is fully integrated in our programs and projects, taking on a community approach and working with children and their families from an early age.

Where we work

For the period covered by this Plan, GSF has established a geographic framework for action that is based on vulnerability criteria, the Humanitarian-development nexus and the principle of maximizing the impact of our work.

  • Maiduguri Metropolitan Council
  • Jere LGA
  • Bama LGA
  • Gwoza LGA
  • Mafa LGA