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Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Strategic objective: is to reduce gender-based violence and improve the lives of women and girls in the region.

The strategy aims to achieve this objective through a comprehensive approach that focuses on awareness and education, strengthening support services, advocacy and policy change, capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation. The plan seeks to educate communities about the effects of gender-based violence, provide safe spaces and support services for survivors, advocate for policy changes, build the capacity of community leaders, and track progress towards reducing gender-based violence. The ultimate goal is to create a safer and more supportive environment for women and girls in North East Nigeria.
The Awareness and Education component aims to educate communities about gender-based violence through widespread public education and awareness campaigns. Educational materials will be developed and distributed through community organizations and schools, and local media outlets will be partnered with to promote anti-gender-based violence messages. The Strengthening Support Services component will establish safe spaces for survivors of gender-based violence, partner with local health facilities to provide appropriate care, and work with legal organizations to increase access to justice. The Advocacy and Policy Change component will engage with local and national government to raise awareness and advocate for policy changes, and partner with NGOs to change laws and policies that perpetuate gender-based violence. The Capacity Building component will provide training to community leaders, teachers, and health workers, and organize workshops for women’s groups and other community-based organizations. The Monitoring and Evaluation component will establish a monitoring and evaluation system to track progress and inform future interventions. Implementing this strategy will require significant resources and collaboration, but with a focused and sustained effort, progress can be made in reducing gender-based violence and improving the lives of women and girls in North East Nigeria.