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Institutional Development

GSF is facing a problem of limited institutional capacity in areas such as governance, human resources, financial management, and technology. This can impede its ability to carry out programs effectively and reach its goals. GSF has planned the following interventions to address this issue:

  • Strengthening governance and management systems, including defining clear roles and responsibilities, increasing transparency and accountability, and enhancing risk management processes.
  • Investing in human resource development by providing training and capacity-building opportunities to build staff skills and knowledge.
  • Improving financial management systems through the implementation of financial controls, enhanced budgeting and forecasting processes, and sound financial reporting practices.
  • Adopting and integrating technology solutions to improve operational efficiency, communication and collaboration, and streamline processes.

Regular monitoring and evaluation of progress and impact of the institutional capacity development strategy to ensure effectiveness and make adjustments as necessary. By improving institutional capacity, GSF will be better equipped to fulfil its mission, achieve its goals, and create a more sustainable future. The implementation of this strategy will involve stakeholder engagement including staff, partners, and beneficiaries to ensure alignment and collaboration.