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Institutional Development

Grow strong foundation through our Institutional development nexus are strengthening local actors through rigorous trainings of the most needed capacities in the humanitarian societies to the National Non-Governmental Organization in the northeast with careful sensitivity to cultural, social, religious and governmental actors.
over the last 2 years grow strong foundation have organized numerous capacity building trainings on comprehensive case management , family tracing and reunification , information management and primero application , reintegrating gender based violence mitigation measures and conflict sensitivity in humanitarian programming, the INSPIRE, fundamentals that provides guidance on specific, evidence-based interventions to prevent and respond to violence against children with the core elements which need to be implemented to ensure effectiveness , strengthening political will to end violence against children through providing the needed capacity to the relevant governmental agencies with capacity building training , trainings on child protection minimum standards to cross sectoral partners to ensure mainstreaming of child protection and GBV risk mitigation majors across sectors, strengthening the capacities of community based child protection committees , community based mechanisms on gender based violence reporting and referrals , preventing sexual abuses and exploitations and related abuses to community leaders community based organizations.
Grow strong foundation has been building the capacity of teachers on Basic psychosocial support and child protection to ensure children are protected, trainings on pedagogy to equipped the teachers with the most needed contemporary skills in teaching to enable children learned from the best skillful teachers with the relevant skills of the century, train school head teachers and school based management committees on school management, Gender based violence, Violence against children and prevention from sexual abuse and exploitations.