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Nutrition Activities

1. Community Nutrition Promotion and Prevention:
Most of the communities are ignorant of knowledge about nutrition and the consequences of malnutrition on health of children. Raising awareness at community level through community outreach workers and CHW can enhance patronizing nutrition services and can also prepare parents towards preventive measures.

2: Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)
Accessibility to facilities that manage malnutrition cases is very difficult and to some greater extend not accessible as a result of the activities of NSAG. Establishment of Nutrition screening centers at community level will allow free flow of patronage by the locals of the identified community.

3: Emergency Response
Malnutrition treatment differ as a result of severity nature of the case, complex cases occurs as a result of late report or identification, must of such cases are so critical that cannot be managed at facilities established at community level. When a case is identified, the response should be there and then, emergency respond team will be set for incase of evacuation for referral into tertiary health facilities for proper stabilization.

4: strengthening Referral pathways
Cases of malnutrition are graduating to become another medical concern it’s not handled properly and timely, it can never be out of expectation to come across such cases during the cause of program implementation, referral partway will be initiated with all the ties of health care at all level, referral partway will also be strengthen among the nutrition and protection cluster in both inter and intra agency level.

5: Training parents/ care givers on how to use locally available nutritional ingredients
Sometimes malnutrition happens not because of Food shortage, improper care by the parents and care givers. Periodic training session for parents and care givers will be arranged on how to use locally available ingridients for proper utilisation. Volunteer care givers or poster mothers will all be recruited and trained incase of abandoned children or children whose parents are incapable of taking good care of them as a result of health or other challenges that might warrant.