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Grow strong foundation engagement in governance encompasses promoting community participation, engagement and decision making in public matters and issues related to grassroot governance, social governance, network governance and participatory governance. We engaged in campaigns and sensitizations in communities, Radio and televisions . our most recent activity is the commemoration of international Youth day with a youth round table discussion on the approaching 2023 elections in Nigeria.
We are also active in the aspect of accountability and advocating for judicious utilization of public resources through active participation in the public finance and related programs and we are currently members of the Borno state Accountability mechanism, an entity that actively engaged government and duty bearers on accountability to the citizen and empower the communities to hold duty bearers accountable to their commitment and entrusted resources.
We partner other civil society organizations especially through sectoral platforms such as the network for civil society organizations and support grassroot communities on the degree to which community members are involved in the decision making process and citizen community engagement. Our Community-based approaches (CBA) seek to empower local structures and community groups with institutions by engaging them in our implementations and giving the community direct control and ownership through involvement in decisions, project planning, execution and monitoring, through a process that emphasizes inclusive participation and management, this is because community-based approach has been adopted in fragile and conflict-affected societies and have been proving to be an effective approach to peacebuilding and seen as a range of measures necessary to transform conflict towards sustainable, peaceful relations and outcomes.