Good Governance 2023-02-21T11:22:46+00:00


The Grow Strong Foundation’s engagement in governance focuses on encouraging community involvement, engagement, and decision-making in public affairs related to grassroot governance, social governance, network governance, and participatory governance. The organization will engage in awareness campaigns through community education and media programs.
Having registered with the National Working Group on Accountability Mechanisms, the organization will also play a role in promoting accountability and advocating for the responsible use of public resources by participating in public finance programs. As a member of the Borno State Accountability Mechanism, GSF will work to empower communities to hold duty-bearers accountable for their commitments and resources.
In the next five years, GSF aims to strengthen its partnerships with other civil society organizations, particularly through sectoral platforms like the Network for Civil Society Organizations (NESCO), to support grassroots communities in the decision-making process and citizen engagement.
GSF will continue to use community-based approaches to empower local structures and community groups by involving them in project planning, execution, and monitoring. This approach has been proven effective in promoting peace in conflict-affected societies and emphasizes inclusive participation and community ownership.