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Thematic Areas



Enhancing individual access and exercise of rights under conditions of equity…



Enhancing livelihood stabilization and income recovery for IDPs in camps….



Enhancing the participation of the conflict affected children in schools by…



Ensuring the integration and strengthening of programs within the existing…


Institutional Capacity Building

Ensuring conflict affected areas are enhanced through Governance and…


Advocacy and Peace Building

Enhancing community capacity to better understand the underlying…

What we do?

Improve the Living Conditions in the Society

GSF aims to significantly reduce the entrenched culture of silence which affects a larger population of the youth and other vulnerable groups (women) in our society and ensure their development through advocacy to promote participation and rural empowerment so as to strengthen human capital development as a vehicle for sustainable peace and development in the region.

Our Vision

GSF wants to see a sustainable strong, healthy and well protected communities where economic, social and emotional development are achieved.

Our Mission

To protect and improve the living condition of vulnerable children, women and adolescent through continuous advocacy, sensitization and respond to gender-based violence   by ensuring drastic reduction in stigma and discrimination through the use of local structures and resources at disposal.

Core Values.






Gender & Cultural Sensitivity


Support Our Campaign

Support us in attaining a sustainable, strong, healthy and well protected communities where economic, social and emotional development are achieved

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Grow Strong Foundation

Grow Strong Foundation

Grow strong Foundation (GSF) is a grass-root non-for-profit and non-governmental organization, saddled with the protection of vulnerable women and children during and after Emergency.

We celebrate Youth around globe. ... See MoreSee Less
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In comemoration of the 2022 international youth day, themed "Intergenerational solidarity, creating a world for all ages "Grow strong foundation have brought together people from across generations and discussed the existing and emerging conflict for the sections.The participant discussed the realistic feasible intergenerational contributions that will support the attainment of the sustainable development goals and thus create a better , world.Out of this roundtable organized by GSF, the SDGs action group has emerged and Will continue on leveraging the intergenerational advantages and promote values that will make the world a better place.Connected Development African Union UN SDG Action Campaign UN Sustainable Development Platform Institute for Security Studies (ISS) Street Child UNICEF Nigeria UNDP in Nigeria ActionAid #IYD2022 ... See MoreSee Less
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" On this important day, let’s join hands across generations to break down barriers, and work as one to achieve a more equitable, just and inclusive world for all people."UN Secretary-General António GuterresTo support the attainment of the SDGs, through the 2022 theme " intergenerational solidarity, creating a world for all ages" GSF will be hosting a group of young people on a roundtable to discuss " intergenerational prejudice and leverage the potential of all generations for the achievement of the SDGs.#IYD2022 #internationalyouthday2022 ... See MoreSee Less
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Human trafficking is unlawful and it comes in many forms including sexual and Labour Exploitation, Domestic Servitude and forced marriage.All this act and others are illegal, GSF joins the rest of the world in saying NO to Human Trafficking on the International Day of Human Trafficking.IOM Nigeria UNICEF Nigeria UNDP in Nigeria ... See MoreSee Less
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The 21st July, state level close out meeting of the NHF consortium Grants Mark's the end of our 12 month project tittled" strengthening community based Education, protection, and nutritional services" implemented in Damboa, Pulka, Mubi north and South of Borno and Adamawa state respectively.The meeting Mark's a historic milestone for us as an organisation, and beyond successful implementation, the project provided serial lessons learned and builded the capacity of our team that will improve our future programmings.GSF is particularly grateful to #NHF for funding this project, the exceptional leadership of Street Child as the consortium lead and the cordial understanding and integrated approach of our partners Gender Equality Peace and Development Center and @LABDI the cross thematic learning was indeed an experience.This successful prototype consortium implementation has proving that localisation is very much feasible..United Nations OCHA Institute for Security Studies (ISS) UNICEF Nigeria African Union ... See MoreSee Less
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