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Mine risk Education

Strategic objective: is to reduce the risk and impact of explosive ordnance (UXOs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) among affected communities in the region.

The ongoing protracted conflict in North East Nigeria has resulted in widespread presence of explosive ordnance (UXOs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that pose a threat to civilians and hinder their ability to return to their homes. Mine risk education (MRE) is a crucial component in reducing the risk and impact of UXOs and IEDs.The five-year MRE strategy for GSF in North East Nigeria aims to achieve the following objectives: increase awareness and understanding of the dangers posed by UXOs and IEDs among affected communities, reduce the risk of UXO and IED accidents through targeted MRE activities, and strengthen the capacity of local communities to respond to UXO and IED incidents, including reporting and first-aid procedures.
The strategy will implement community-based MRE sessions, school-based MRE for school-aged children, health-based MRE for healthcare providers, and media-based MRE using radio and other platforms.

A comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework will be established to track progress and impact of the MRE activities. The effectiveness of the MRE activities will be regularly assessed and adjustments made as necessary. Data will be collected and analyzed on the number of people reached and the impact of the MRE activities.
The strategy will foster close coordination and collaboration among all actors involved in MRE in North East Nigeria, including the government, international organizations, local NGOs, and communities. A coordination mechanism will be established to ensure effective collaboration and information sharing among all stakeholders. The five-year MRE strategy in North East Nigeria aims to create a safer environment for civilians and support the return and resettlement of displaced persons. The plan will be reviewed and revised regularly to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in addressing the MRE needs of communities in the region.