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Integration and strengthened GSF programs within the existing humanitarian and development coordination architecture in North East and West of Nigeria. GSF promote and facilitate coordination through various commitments which include active participation and Co leadership role of clusters and the willingness to contribute to humanitarian and development responses through discussion and information sharing on the organization activities to various working cluster and networks.
GSF take the responsibility of developing and adopting simple IM system, for collecting, processing, storing, analyzing and disseminating information for evidence base decision making and reporting. GSF stick to the WHO WHEN, WHERE, WHOM WHAT (5ws), Gender Base Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS) and Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) in place to manage information regarding it programme activities.
Strengthening the collaboration with relevant Government partners Identify key government and non-governmental stakeholders working on the areas of interest through consultations in other to establish a good working relationship as well as institutionalizing GSF approaches. GSF being a young organization lack financial and technical capacity therefore need to work with other actors in achieving it set goals.