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Project Description

Advocacy & Peace Building

The activities under this goal will lead to an increase in understanding of conditions, factors, drivers of radicalization leading to violence and strengthening of existing levels of community resilience against violent extremism ;as hared understanding among the multiple actors involved in countering violent extremism as a pre-condition to developing appropriate and effective responses; and the development to a unified approach to countering violent extremism. In this context, it is necessary to build trust within the society and between communities and ensure their better understanding. Involvement of different parts of society and unification of these different aspects reduce the risk of radicalization and increase the possibility of stopping the processes that lead to extremism and violence.
It is necessary to establish effective coordination mechanisms by involving partners from various sectors and various levels in the encounter-extremism work. Within this framework, it is necessary to establish efficient cooperation of law enforcement agencies with other government bodies and non-governmental development organizations, with precise division of responsibilities and coordinated and planed activities at the national and state level.

Increase understanding of drivers and the establishment of effective coordination mechanisms will enable Communities to effectively intervene to address these drivers by developing tailormade and targeted solutions, and community based, creative and innovative approaches that demonstrably strengthen resilience against violent extremist agendas.
GSF will collaborate with government institutions and other organizations in order to develop IEC material and campaigns which address the specific reasons behind the problem of discrimination and stigmatization of SGBV and CAAFAG as well as dissemination of Child Right in Borno State. This will guide GSF in the production of quality and informative advocacy campaigns tools for sensitization of the stakeholders and people in authority.