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Project Description


We believe in the importance of enhancing the value of culture and differences as a key to progress. This is why we fight for full respect and equity of rights without any discrimination based on age, gender, sex, ethnicity, social origin, religion and politics. GSF has stood out in its humanitarian and development activities to enhance equal access and exercise of rights for the women, men and children in the areas where it operates.
Over the next three years, GSF will undertake to support the psychosocial wellbeing of beneficiaries through programmes suited to the needs of both individuals and communities. In particular, the organisation will strengthen its mechanisms to support Unaccompanied and separated Children (UASC) children associated with armed groups (CAAC) and Child survivors of gender-based violence. The promotion of community led mobilization will be one of the organization’s main activities to support the construction of an effective local support network and raise the population’s awareness. Moreover, we will launch a series of specific measures to support the participation and empowerment of minority and indigenous groups in decision-making processes especially women. This way, we aim to ensure a fair and resilient transformation of our society. The protection of children’s rights will be ensured to remote support from government and other Stakeholders, which will continue to focus on the right to proper nutrition, health, education, protection, play and leisure.